Terms of Service (TOS)

The terms ‘CMS’, ‘us’, ‘we’, or ‘our’ refer to the service provider or Technician of CMS. The term ‘you’ refers to the client or customer of CMS.

The following are terms and conditions of our services that are provided by CMS to you. These terms and conditions must be agreed to by you before using any of the provided services.

This is a statement regarding CMS - Computer Media Service Policy, Replacement, and warranty.


The services that are offered by CMS - Computer Media Service are as is. The prices may change without notice. Service requests that have been made prior to the price change(s) will not be affected. Any personal information that is collected by CMS on the CMS SERVICE FORM is for our records and is used by us only if we need to contact you. This information will not be shared, and or sold to anyone. The CMS service form is used to keep track of customer service(s) that have been made and/or requested. This service form also holds contact information used to reach customers in regards to their finished and/or requested service(s).


Data Back-UP and Restore is insured only for 30 Days.

This replacement only applies to the Data Back-UP and Restore service. This replacement will cover loss of windows back-up that was made using the Data Back-UP and Restore service. If the back-up is lost or damaged CMS will re-install Windows® and updates free of charge once within a 30 day warranty period. This replacement does not cover loss of personal data. If a back-up of a freshly installed Windows® is being made, then you should not have any personal data to worry about.


The warranty is only valid for 30 Days.

CMS only offers warranty on services that offer media discs CDs and DVDs. The warranty will cover only damaged CDs and DVDs that were provided to you by CMS. CMS will replace damaged CDs/DVDs under certain conditions. In order to replace your damaged media discs you must have the damaged CDs/DVDs with you. The damage must meet the following conditions.

 -If the CDs/DVDs are scratched
 -If the CDs/or DVDs are broken
 -If the CDs/or DVDs have melted due to high temperature.

The warranty does not cover CDs/DVDs that are lost or stolen. This warranty is in effect for 30 days after the service date shown on the receipt. After the period of 30 days ends, the warranty is void.

CMS - Computer Media Service does not offer any other warranty on any other service, unless otherwise specified on the receipt.

Last updated: September, 11th, 2012 @ 6:57PM US-CT


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