Service Information

Services are done by appointment. This can be On-Site service or Drop-Off. There will be a service form to fill out at the day of service, witch will be signed by you the customer once the service is fulfilled. You can download the service form fill the boxed information and bring it with you.

The following services are offered by CMS - Computer Media Service

Hardware Installation

Hardware Installation refers to technically physical aspect of your personal computer (PC) or a Laptop/Notebook. There are limitations on what CMS can do in regards to Laptops/Notebooks. These are the following services for Hardware Installation.

    - Computer Assembly, Replacement of motherboard
    - CD/DVD Drives, Hard Drives (HDD) and other internal removable media
    - Sound Cards, Graphic Cards, and other add-on hardware devices
    - Other services may apply

Software Installation

Providing that you have CD/DVD. or in some cases provided by CMS. This service includes the following.

    - Windows Operating System (Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP) Including Service Packs. (Also Linux based OS)
    - Drivers and Software that may be required by hardware
    - Microsoft Office, PhotoShop, depending on needs.
    - Virus protection and Updates.
    - Other services may apply

Video/Audio and Imaging

This service is only for personal projects. No copyright protected material.

    - VIDEO: Convert to any format, recording, cutting, enhancing, special effects, and more.
    - AUDIO: Cutting & enhancing, convert to different formats. recording, effects, ...more
    - IMAGING: restoration & enhancing older pictures, scanning, resizing, colorizing, plus more.
    - Other services may apply

Personal DVDs

Converting VHS tapes to DVDs so your personal memories can be preserved. VHS tapes overtime loose quality and color. DVDs can stay the same no matter how many times you watch them, or make copies of. DVDs are easy to back-up in case they get scratched or broken. Please call or e-mail if you have any further questions.

Other Services

Setting up home network Wireless/Wi-Fi
   - Tutoring